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Pharmacists welcome new pain management service

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January 25, 2018

Pharmacists have welcomed a new $20 million trial by the Federal Government to support people suffering from ongoing chronic pain, the peak national body for pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) said today.

Launched by Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt in Melbourne, the Pain MedsCheck program will be delivered in a partnership between PSA and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia through community pharmacies across Australia.

Through the Pain MedsCheck program, a pharmacist will evaluate and review a patient’s medicine through face-to-face consultations. They will review medication and analgesic use and develop a written action plan, incorporating education, self-management and referral to doctors or other experts where additional support is required. The trial is aimed at patients with on-going chronic pain of three or more months.

PSA National President Dr Shane Jackson said: “PSA applauds the Federal Health Minister for funding and supporting this new trial, which is strongly supported by Australia’s pharmacy profession.

“Pharmacists in the community are already available to provide advice on pain management and the safe and effective use of medicines. Pharmacists have also noted they are frequently concerned about patients whose pain is not being adequately controlled and who may be using medications inappropriately.”

Dr Jackson said PSA welcomed this new opportunity for pharmacists to be funded to spend extra time with patients to review and discuss some of these concerns.

“Noting the issues that organisations such as Painaustralia have highlighted regarding the issue of chronic pain in Australia, this service gives community pharmacists the opportunity to improve pain management of patients with chronic pain,” Dr Jackson said.

“Community pharmacists advising patients on the safe and optimal use of medicines in managing their pain, or referring patients for a more detailed investigation by their GP we expect will result in better care for Australians.

“PSA looks forward to developing Standards and Guidelines for the Pain MedsCheck service for the profession, along with delivering education and resources to support the service.”


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