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Record-breaking election turn-out for peak pharmacists’ body

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May 12, 2017

A record voter turn-out has been achieved for the 2017 Branch Committee elections declared today by the peak national body for pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA).

With 24 per cent of PSA’s eligible members casting their votes, PSA welcomed many passionate pharmacists seeking to represent their profession on PSA Branch Committees across Australia.  Voter turn-out for the 2014 PSA Branch Committee elections was 17%.

For the first time, PSA offered an online voting platform for the Branch Committee elections, and it was encouraging to see most members used this online technology to have their say.

PSA CEO Dr Lance Emerson said the impressive result followed an unprecedented number of nominations, including from a record number of female and Early Career Pharmacists (ECPs) and pharmacists from various cultural backgrounds.

“PSA’s election results are a fantastic reflection of the enthusiasm, dedication and rich diversity among PSA’s membership – which is to be applauded and welcomed,” said Dr Emerson, who congratulated the successful candidates.

“I’m so delighted to see such a strong cross-section of pharmacists being elected to represent the profession on Branch Committees who are committed to making a difference for the future.

“I welcome the new Branch Committee members and equally thank all of the nominees who put their hands up to help lead the profession.  I also encourage members who were not elected to continue their engagement with PSA through other opportunities.”

The newly elected Branch Committee members will hold office for a three-year term, starting on 1 July 2017.

The Branch Committee members are then eligible to become a National PSA Board Director. The Branch Committees will nominate the members to become National Board Directors to take office from July 1, 2017.


Australian Capital Territory – Nine (9) positions

  • APOLLONI, Elise
  • BEARDMORE, Renae
  • KELLY, William
  • KHIANI, Seema
  • NAUNTON, Mark
  • REID, Patrick
  • ROITMAN, Daniel
  • SINCLAIR, Sarah
  • TODD, Lyn

New South Wales – Eleven (11) positions

  • BARWICK, Anna
  • BELL, John
  • BENRIMOJ, Shalom (Charlie)
  • BRONGER, John
  • CARROLL, Peter
  • CARTER, Stephen
  • LEWIS, Chelsea
  • MOLES, Rebekah
  • PLUNKETT, Warwick
  • RIGBY, Krysti-Lee
  • ROSE, Lachlan

Queensland – Ten (10) positions

  • BLEE, Warren
  • CAMPBELL, Chris
  • CARSON, Susan
  • ELLIOT, Bruce
  • FREEMAN, Christopher
  • KIEL, Jacqueline
  • LAU, Esther
  • MACDONALD, Shane
  • SIMMONDS, Brett
  • TURNER, Sam

South Australia/Northern Territory – Nine (9) positions

  • COULTHARD, Kingsley
  • EDWARDS, Susan
  • FARRIER, Robert
  • JOHNS, Robyn
  • JOHNSON, Jacinta
  • KARDACHI, Grant
  • KEITAANPAA, Samuel
  • SLUGGETT, Andrew

Tasmania – Eight (8) positions

  • CRAWN, Jackson
  • HAYES, Katie
  • JACKSON, Shane
  • LEE, Kenneth
  • PEACHEY, David
  • SMITH, Lorraine
  • VAN TIENEN, Ella

Victoria – Ten (10) positions

  • CROSS, Amanda
  • DEMARTE, Joe
  • GOWAN, Jennifer
  • JACKSON, John
  • LI, Dani
  • LYNCH, Michelle
  • MARCHANT, Benjamin
  • MCMAUGH, Jarrod
  • PAGE, Amy
  • ROLLER, Louis

Western Australia – Nine (9) positions

  • BAILEY, Travis
  • BOLDEN, Georgia
  • BURTON, Lauren
  • DI FRANCO, Teresa
  • GELAVIS, Anna
  • PISANO, Alyssa
  • SCHMIDT, Matthew
  • SHENTON, Christopher
  • SIM, Fei


Media contact:   Brad Watts
Executive Director, Communications
0487 922 176

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