Reducing Risk of Cumulative Medicines (Deprescribing)

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Pharmacists have an integral role in reducing the number of medicine adverse effects experienced by patients and to optimise medicine effectiveness.


Comprehensive medication review (e.g. HMR/RMMR) with a structured deprescribing focus, can assist to reduce the number of hospital admissions that occur in Australian resulting from potentially preventable medicine adverse effects.


The below resources and activities have been specifically designed to assist pharmacists to identify when medicines may be contributing to adverse effects and provide a framework to reduce these harms when completing complex medicine reviews.  

Resources and activities

Link to Cumulative Medicines Webinar

Watch the recording of the webinar on Reducing the Risk of Cumulative Medicines (Deprescribing)

Link to Pharmacist Quick Reference Guide on Cumulative Medicines

Access the Pharmacist Quick Reference Guide: Cumulative Medicines

Link to Pharmacist Case Series

Access the Pharmacist Case Series: Addressing the hidden risks of cumulative medicines to reduce harm

Link to MAIA Therapeutic Brief

Access the MAIA Therapeutic Brief: Cumulative Medicines.

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