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Smart syringe wins big at Pharmacy Shark Tank

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July 28, 2018

Professor Lyndal Trevena and a team of researchers from Sydney have taken out the Pharmacy Shark Tank at PSA18 with their smart syringe system that will potentially eliminate liquid medicine dose errors.

The pharmacy ‘sharks’ – PSA National President Dr Shane Jackson, Managing Partner of Epic Pharmacy Group Cathie Reid, and Senior Strategy Executive at Step Change Katrina Nielsen – chose to invest $6000 in Prof Trevena and her team’s innovation, SetDose.

Prof Trevena was one of three finalists who pitched their ideas to the sharks and fielded questions in front of a live audience about how they would address unmet clinical needs or advance patient care and pharmacy practice.

All three judges agreed SetDose tackled a significant issue in the healthcare system with a three-part solution that incorporates software, individualised encoded keycards, and a device that attaches to standardised syringes.

The sharks commended the system for attempting to “address all of the components of that issue, from the calculation of the doses through to administration.”

They added that it was a fantastic product for “an issue that hasn’t had any new solutions developed for a long time despite the magnitude of the problem.”

Samuel Keitaanpaa from the Northern Territory also took home $2000 and was awarded the People’s Choice Award for his innovation VeriPharm Medicine Tracking, an electronic system that can link physical medicine packets to their contents to create a universal record of when stock is transferred between parties.

The sharks said Mr Keitaanpaa’s passion for improving quality use of medicines shone through, and his product had a strong opportunity to increase oversight around medicine supply in Australia.

The sharks also invested $1000 in Michelle Cassumbhoy and Carson Au’s M&C’s Cream with Concentrated Oatmeal.

The panel congratulated all three finalists on their courage and dedication to bringing their groundbreaking projects to life.


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