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Become a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) and join over 18,000 members who choose the peak body for all Australian pharmacists to support, advance and create opportunities for their pharmacy career and the greater pharmacy profession.

Extra value for PSA members

Access to the award-winning Australian Pharmacist journal with pharmacist news, industry updates and up to 50 CPD credits annually

Access to PSA’s all new, intuitive, online CPD planning tools – mobile responsive and accessible from anywhere. Members enjoy complimentary over access to a range of accredited short courses

Save time with up to 10 Group 2 CPD credits in one accredited online assessment

Relevant and up-to-date industry news, networking opportunities and industry announcements to keep you informed

Member-only discounts on required pharmacy texts and reference books

Extra benefits for members include member-only banking and insurance benefits to start saving money today

Invest in your pharmacy future.

Join PSA online or call 1300 369 772 to discuss your membership needs

What type of PSA membership will suit you?*

Full access to all PSA member benefits and support, including education, resources, mentoring and networking.


Available to any pharmacist eligible to register with the Pharmacy Board of Australia as a practising pharmacist.


$59.99 per month

The best way to start or establish your career with discounted access to education resources, mentoring and networking opportunities to support. Discount based on when you graduated from university.

  • Intern/graduate (75% discount on full membership – $14.99 per month)
  • First year since graduation (50% discount on full membership) – $29.99 per month
  • Second year since graduation (35% discount on full membership) – $38.99 per month
  • Third year since graduation (25% discount on full membership ) – $44.99 per month
  • Fourth year since graduation (15% discount on full membership) – $50.99 per month

Get access to online learning, networking opportunities and resources beyond the classroom, as well as discounts on essential pharmacy textbooks.


Free student membership is available to anyone who is enrolled as a pharmacy student in their first pharmacy degree in an Australian university course accredited by the Australian Pharmacy Council and intended to lead to registration as a pharmacist, or an Australian resident undergoing Australian Pharmacy Council Stage 1 assessment

The best way to start your career with access to education resources, mentoring and networking opportunities to support you through your intern year.


For pharmacists currently completing their internship and pharmacists who qualified overseas and are currently undergoing the Australian Pharmacy Council Stage 2 program.


75% discounted rate – $14.99 per month

Full access to all member benefits of fully qualified and practicing pharmacist.


Available to people qualified in pharmacy, and working in a scientific area or teaching capacity for are not registered to practice as a pharmacist and therefore unable to join under the fully qualified pharmacist category.


$59.99 per month

Get access to tailored professional development education, discounts on lectures, workshops and reference books.


For pharmacy support staff, including pharmacy assistants and dispensary technicians (without a pharmacy qualification).


$9.79 per month

Keep your education and training up-to-date if you are on parental leave, semi-retired or working part-time. Full membership access and resources for pharmacists working less than 20 hours per week.


Available to pharmacists working less than 20 hours per week in any capacity or role (including non-pharmacy related roles) or now be retired from full time work. Eligibility reviewed annually.


50% discounted rate – $29.99 per month

Stay connected with the profession in Australia, keep up-to-date with policies, guidelines and professional standards, and receive discounts on essential texts.


For registered pharmacists residing and working outside of Australia. Available to international pharmacists working outside Australia.


$29.99 per month

Easy monthly, quarterly or annual direct debit payments available.

*PSA membership is for a 12 month period. If you terminate your membership early you will be liable for the balance of your 12 month membership.