Medication Management Guidelines

Revised Medication Management Guidelines

Improving the health of Australians

PSA is focused on improving the health of Australians through excellence in pharmacist care and optimising medicines use in both the community and residential aged care settings. This includes reducing the use of medications as chemical restraints through improved medication management review services and improving medicines use through Quality Use of Medicines services.


In response to recent changes to the Medication Management Review and Quality Use of Medicines services programs, PSA, in partnership with the Department of Health, has revised its guidelines for pharmacists on delivering these services.


The revised guidelines has resulted in the development of a single guideline focused on medication management reviews (including HMRs and RMMRs) and a separate guideline on Quality Use of Medicines services. These guidelines will support pharmacists to navigate changes to the program rules and deliver a high standard of professional pharmacist practice.

Guidelines for Comprehensive Medication Management Reviews

These Guidelines outline best practice for pharmacists providing comprehensive medication management review services, regardless of practice setting. They outline effective processes when undertaking a comprehensive medication management review, professional communication and collaboration, and considerations for follow-up after the initial review.


Guidelines for Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) services

These guidelines outline best practice for pharmacists providing Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) services to Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs). They outline effective processes when providing QUM services, potential QUM activities pharmacists may undertake and implementing quality improvement.

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