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Pharmacist Intern Training Program.

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What is PSA’s Intern Training Program?

Never settle for less than your best, that’s why most Graduates choose PSA’s Intern Training Program because it is Australia’s most popular and comprehensive training program.


By enrolling in our ITP program we make the transition from study to be a practicing pharmacist easy.  Our comprehensive program prepares you to apply your knowledge in practice and ensures you are competent according to the National Competency Standards Framework for pharmacists in Australia.


The intern year is a busy one, but PSA recognises how busy you will be and has designed the course especially to suit your needs.

All ITP activities are directly related to meeting your registration requirements; shaping your skills and competency without overloading you.



Who is this program for?

The PSA Intern Training Program is essential for recent pharmacy graduates who are becoming a registered pharmacist. We provide extensive support to help you reach your career goals at a pace that fits in with your life.

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How does the program work?

A range of assignments designed to apply your clinical knowledge to practice,  optimising patient care
Face to face
A mix of face-to-face and digital workshops  (3 workshops – 4 days) to take your practice to the next level
Preparation for the Pharmacy Board exams


Access to expert facilitators through online discussion forums & PSA resources including eMIMS & Therapeutic Guidelines, Self-care, free immunisation training and much more.

Why choose the PSA’s Intern Program?

PSA is a not-for-profit member based organisation; we work for our members.

We are the only Australian Government-recognised peak national professional pharmacy organisation representing all of Australia’s 34,000 pharmacists working in all sectors and across all locations.


We are committed to improving Australia’s health through excellence in pharmacist care. PSA believes the expertise of pharmacists can be better utilised to address the health care needs of all Australians.


PSA works to identify, unlock and advance opportunities for pharmacists to realise their full potential, to be appropriately recognised and fairly remunerated.


PSA leads and supports innovative and evidence-based healthcare service delivery by pharmacists. We provide high-quality practitioner development and practice support to pharmacists and is the custodian of the professional practice standards and guidelines to ensure quality and integrity in the practice of pharmacy.


Our program is delivered by our Registered Training Organisation (RTO code 122206) and is required to meet and maintain high standards. The program is accredited by the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC).


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Never settle for anything less than your best!

What are the benefits?

In addition to preparing you to become a registered pharmacists the PSA ITP offers a range of other benefits including:


    • FREE PSA Membership. Check out the benefits HERE


    • The opportunity to become the PSA MIMS Intern Pharmacist of the Year. The winner receives an education grant for any career development course up to $5000. Plus a trip to the PSA National Conference, including airfares, accommodation, and transfers. LEARN MORE


    • Flexible payment options


    • Extensive support from our training officers
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Here at PSA we know how important flexible pricing options are. This is why we offer competitive flexible payment options to suit your lifestyle.
In addition to the Intern Training Program, you will also receive FREE PSA Membership.


Frequently Asked Questions

After graduating and before applying for pharmacy general registration, you need to complete pharmacy supervised practice (an internship). By doing PSA’s intern training program, you will receive a Graduate Certificate in Applied Pharmacy Practice and can do PSA’s Immunisation course free of charge. Then you are required to pass the written and oral board exam before applying for registration.

In addition to the benefits and key selling messages above:

  • PSA’s ‘Next Level intern Training’ is the proven pathway that sets you up for your pharmacist career in any setting.
  • PSA has Australia’s largest CPD catalogue plus PSA’s Australian Pharmacist Journal CPD activities in one place.
  • PSA is the trusted independent body with the internship program that enables you to bridge the gap between academic and real world on the job experience.
  • The only internship delivered by your peak body representing pharmacists, with access to the resources you need to succeed in your career.
  • Rigorous content and assessments to test Interns and help them reach their potential.
  • Equips Interns with real world skills that pharmacists in all practice settings and the community seek out and trust.
  • Extensive support to help Interns excel in their chosen roles / fields of pharmacy.
  • On completion you will receive a Graduate Certificate in Applied Pharmacy Practice.

You are able to enrol at any time of the year. Your course access will be approved once you:

  1. Organise payment method – Either in full ($1,950) or payment plan setup including the first payment ($325) processed.
  2. Supply proof of Approved Supervised Practice (ASP) and provisional registration with AHPRA – documents emailed to training@psa.org.au

First you will receive a confirmation email once your enrolment is approved. This will be sent to you. You will not be able to access the course materials unless all requirements have been met and access has been processed. This usually takes 1 week from the date you provided all the required documentation (depending on level of enrolments).


  1. Login in to my.psa.org.au
  2. Click on My Courses & Training and select intern program under Not Started or In Progress.
  3. This will open another page, scroll down and press the launch button to access your course.

The course can be completed in a minimum period of 9 months up to a maximum period of 24 months. Our trainers and assessors can work with you to accommodate submission dates if required.

Either in full ($1,950) or 6 monthly instalments (interest free) of $325

  • We offer training sessions as part of the training workshops.
    • 1 session on written exam
    • 5 sessions on the oral exam


  • Interns also have access to 2 extra written exam modules (optional) and 6 mock exams for the oral exam to support developing their oral exam skills. They also have access to the learner support team and the trainer and assessors for any questions they might have about the exams.


  • Several of the online modules as part of the ITP are also good support for Interns studying for the written exam.

Interns must attend a mix of face-to-face and digital workshops  (3 workshops – 4 days) in order to complete their ITP. May be possible to swap workshops, it would need to be approved by trainer assessors.

They are a variety of assessments within the course. A completion certificate is dependent on the successful completion of all assessments, workshop attendance, completed payments etc. For further questions email learnersupport@psa.org.au

If you change your email address, contact details or your preceptor details change you need to email learnersupport@psa.org.au

We’re here to support you every step of the way. If you’ve got a question don’t hesitate to contact us 1300 369 772 or email learnersupport@psa.org.au

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Need help with membership? Please contact the friendly PSA Member Services team on membership@psa.org.au or 1300 369 772.

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