NSW pharmacists to treat skin conditions in trial expansion

17 June 2024



Pharmacists in New South Wales will soon be able to supply treatment for four skin conditions under the next phase of the NSW Pharmacy Trial.

Participating NSW pharmacists who undertake additional training will be able to treat impetigo, shingles, atopic dermatitis, and mild plaque psoriasis under the trial.

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) New South Wales President Luke Kelly FPS welcomed the next phase of the NSW Pharmacy Trial, and reaffirmed PSA’s support for pharmacists participating in the program.

“Under the next phase of the New South Wales Pharmacy Trial community pharmacists will be trained to treat four skin conditions, making treatment for conditions including impetigo, shingles, eczema, and mild plaque psoriasis more accessible around our state,” Mr Kelly said.

“Pharmacists are key to strengthening the healthcare system, and through the NSW Pharmacy Trial, patients have been able to access safe, quality treatment when and where they need it.

“For skin conditions like shingles, acute eczema, mild plaque psoriasis and impetigo, providing timely, accessible treatment is critical to relieving discomfort and pain, and allow us to mitigate further complications.

“New South Wales pharmacists have already supported thousands of patients with a range of health concerns, including uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections and extending the supply of the oral contraceptive pill. With the inclusion of skin conditions, pharmacists can continue to provide nation-leading, accessible care to patients across the state.

Mr Kelly also welcomed increased remuneration for pharmacists providing consultations skin conditions, better reflecting clinical expertise and administration costs.

“Increased support for pharmacists means we can ensure services remain available to patients across our state, at no cost.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with Minister Park, the New South Wales Government and other stakeholders to ensure we are best responding to the health needs of our communities,” Mr Kelly said.

New South Wales pharmacists can now enrol in and complete prerequisite training here.

Media contact:   Georgia Clarke   M: 0480 099 798  E: georgia.clarke@psa.org.au

Pharmacist UTI services to be expanded across NSW

14 May 2024


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) welcomes the ‘business as usual’ availability of pharmacist treatment services for uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs) across the state, announced by New South Wales Health Minister Ryan Park MP today.

The announcement, made by the Minister at PSA’s Parliamentary Breakfast at Macquarie Street this morning, boosts access to UTI treatment and support through NSW pharmacies.

From 1 June 2024, the program will no longer community pharmacies participating in the NSW Pharmacy Trial, instead being available from any eligible pharmacist across the state.

Women aged 18 to 65 years across the state suffering from the pain and discomfort of a UTI will be able to visit their local pharmacy and access timely treatment under the care of their pharmacist.

PSA New South Wales President Luke Kelly said the success of the UTI trial demonstrated the confidence in quality care from community pharmacists.

“Women living in New South Wales will soon have greater access to UTI treatment through their local pharmacist under the permanent state-wide program,” Mr Kelly said.

“Thousands of New South Wales women have already accessed timely treatment for painful and uncomfortable urinary tract infections, and now even more communities will have access to care through local pharmacists.

“Pharmacists across New South Wales continue to work closely with GPs, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to ensure that patients get the right level of care when and where they need it, referring patients to their GP or nurse practitioner if there are signs of something more serious.”

Mr Kelly also encouraged pharmacists outside of the NSW Pharmacy Trial to ensure they are prepared for the program’s expansion.

“PSA is proudly supporting pharmacists to deliver UTI treatment services through high-quality training and support. All NSW pharmacists can now complete online training and access key PSA resources.

“Now is the time for pharmacists to make sure they are ready to deliver UTI treatment services, and promoting the quality use of medicines as part of service delivery.

“I commend the New South Wales Government and Minister Park for their leadership in championing women’s health and the accessibility of health services through our state’s network of community pharmacists.”

Media contact:   Georgia Clarke   M: 0480 099 798  E: georgia.clarke@psa.org.au

NSW Annual Therapeutic Update program now live

22 November 2023



The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has launched the full program of sessions for the New South Wales Annual Therapeutic Update to be held in Magenta Shores from 17-19 February 2024, with early registrations now open.

PSA’s series of Annual Therapeutic Updates provide pharmacists with clinical and practical information on the latest practice developments in their state or territory. Through three days of education, pharmacists will engage with content specifically designed to be relevant within the regulatory environment in New South Wales, including recent changes to pharmacist authorities and upcoming pilot programs.

PSA New South Wales President Luke Kelly FPS urged pharmacists from around the state to take the opportunity to develop their practice as part of their continued professional development.

“The PSA Annual Therapeutic Update is the premier opportunity for pharmacists in all practice settings to stay on top of their clinical knowledge,” Mr Kelly said.

“With the New South Wales Pharmacy Trial set to expand into the treatment of skin conditions in 2024, there has never been a more important time for pharmacists to learn from leaders and continue delivering quality care to our patients.

“I’m confident that all pharmacists, from all corners of our state and from all practice settings will develop new skills and expand their knowledge on topics relevant to daily practice,” Mr Kelly said.

The full program for the 2024 NSW ATU is available here.

PSA has also invited nominations for the NSW Pharmacist of the Year Awards, to be presented during the conference.

Awards are presented to recognise outstanding achievements, innovations, or contributions to the community and pharmacy profession.

“Recognising the skill and dedication of pharmacists is an important part of our role in promoting excellence in pharmacy practice,” Mr Kelly said.

“There are many examples of pharmacists who continue to go above and beyond for patients and for our profession and it is great to be able to recognise some of them in this way.

“I encourage all New South Wales members to recognise the achievements of our fellow pharmacists by making a nomination for the 2024 awards,” Mr Kelly concluded.

Nominations are available here, and close on 19 November 2023.

Event details

  • 17-19 February 2024
  • Pullman Magenta Shores, New South Wales
  • Super early bird registrations open until 22 November 2023 (Professional Plus members save up to 50% on registration price)
  • Register here

Media contact:   Georgia Clarke   M: 0480 099 798  E: georgia.clarke@psa.org.au

Pharmacists applaud NSW red-tape cut and vaccine expansion

27 October 2023


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) welcomes the New South Wales Government’s move to expand vaccination access, with updates to the NSW Pharmacist Vaccination Standards expanding access to National Immunisation Program (NIP) vaccines, lowering minimum age requirements for Shingrix vaccines and removing written consent requirement for COVID-19 vaccines.


PSA New South Wales President Luke Kelly FPS said the changes cut unnecessary red tape, making vaccines more accessible across the state.


“As a state our focus should be on removing barriers to vaccination, cutting the red tape that prevents qualified pharmacist immunisers from delivering more vaccines to more people,” Mr Kelly said.


“I am proud to see years of PSA’s advocacy led to real outcomes not only for the pharmacists who will be able to play a greater role in delivering vaccines, but for our communities who will be able to access eligible vaccines closer to home.


“I thank the NSW Government for moving to expand NIP access for our most vulnerable populations and look forward to continuing to work alongside them to improve vaccine uptake across New South Wales.”


Summary of vaccination changes in NSW:

  • Lowering of the age range that pharmacist immunisers can administer Shingrix vaccine to 18 years and over (was previously 50 years and over) to align with the eligibility for Shingrix vaccine under the NIP.
  • Inclusion of monovalent meningococcal C vaccine for people aged 5 years and over to ensure pharmacist immunisers can provide a full range of meningococcal vaccines to eligible cohorts.
  • Removal of reference to COVID-19 vaccine following the recent inclusion of COVID-19 vaccine in the Australian Immunisation Handbook to be consistent with the approach for all other vaccines that pharmacist immunisers are authorised to immunise.
  • Removal of the COVID-19 vaccine written consent requirements to be consistent with consent requirements for all other vaccines i.e., that informed consent must be obtained, and documented evidence of verbal consent must be made.



Media contact:   Georgia Clarke   M: 0480 099 798  E: georgia.clarke@psa.org.au

Ongoing contraceptive supply trial to begin this week

27 September 2023


Following an announcement from Health Minister Ryan Park MP, New South Wales has become the first Australian jurisdiction to authorise the extended supply of oral contraceptives by pharmacists under the NSW Pharmacy Trial.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) New South Wales President Luke Kelly FPS welcomed the start of the program, which was first announced in November 2022.

“Improving safe access to contraception is essential to improving health care for all Australians,” Mr Kelly said.

“Pharmacists participating in the trial will be able to continue the supply of an existing low-risk contraceptive without renewed prescription, better supporting contraceptive adherence as well as saving patients time and money.

“This trial will make oral contraception more accessible to more women in New South Wales.

“Pharmacists are ready and able to improve healthcare for all Australians, offering safe, accessible, and equitable access to contraception and expert advice on their options.

“Pharmacists are the most accessible health care professional and are well placed to support patients in accessing timely care.

“This is about making sure that Australians can access safe contraception when and where they need it,’ Mr Kelly concluded.


NSW Pharmacists can enrol in the NSW – Contraception Essentials training program here.


For more information on the NSW Pharmacy Trial, visit NSW Health.


Media contact:   Georgia Clarke   M: 0480 099 798  E: georgia.clarke@psa.org.au