MRNs extended for credentialing transition

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) welcomes the extension of Medication Review Numbers (MRNs) to support credentialed pharmacists to continue providing MMR services during the transition to a new credentialing system.

The extension was announced today by the Department of Health and Aged Care Assistant Secretary – Pharmacy Branch, David Laffan, in an email to credentialed pharmacists. The move gives pharmacists 12 months to transition to a new credential, including a Medication Management Review (MMR) credential, and an Aged Care credential.

PSA is set to offer both MMR and Aged Care credentials, as well as offer a pathway for recognition of prior learning to recognise the experience of practising credentialed pharmacists in line with the Accreditation Standards for MMR and Aged Care On-site Pharmacist education programs | Australian Pharmacy Council.

PSA National President Associate Professor Fei Sim FPS said that PSA’s priority and commitment to workforce development have not changed.

“We have been in discussions with the Department for some time to ensure that transition arrangements are in place to minimise disruption to patient services and allow the existing workforce to continue providing MMR services in the immediate term.

“I’m pleased to see action from the Department to allow these services to continue.

A/Prof Sim said that PSA’s credentialing program, which is pending accreditation with the Australian Pharmacy Council, is set to feature ongoing support for credentialed pharmacists and those seeking credentials.

“PSA continues to approach this fast-moving practice area with the intent to support our workforce, and to ensure that the credentialing and recredentialing process is achievable and affordable.

“All pharmacists who have already undergone credentialing will be able to apply for PSA’s recognition of prior learning as part of the new credentialing process.

“PSA is proud to offer further support to members, including offering the new MMR credential to currently credentialed pharmacists with recognition of prior learning at no cost for Professional Plus members.

“This is part of our ongoing support for this workforce, solidifying our place as the home for credentialed pharmacists.”

Media contact:   Georgia Clarke   M: 0480 099 798  E: georgia.clarke@psa.org.au