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Code of Ethics

About the Code

PSA’s Code of Ethics for Pharmacists (the ‘Code’) articulates the values of the pharmacy profession and expected standards of ethical behaviour of pharmacists towards individuals, the community and society. The Code underpins the professional practice of all pharmacists in Australia.

The Code undergoes periodic review to ensure it is consistent with the ethical requirements of contemporary pharmacist practice and reflects the expectations of Australian healthcare consumers.

The current Code was released in 2017, and has been endorsed by the Pharmacy Board of Australia.


Summary of the Code

The Code comprises seven principles aligned to three ethical values pertinent to professionalism: Care, Integrity and Competency. Each principle is supported by a number of obligations that articulate the behaviours that encompass these values in pharmacy practice.


Care, Competency, Integrity


Download the full Code

PSA Code of Ethics 2017 (507.9 KiB)

Ethics Round Table Discussion

Navigating the ethics of professional practice can be hard. See medical and pharmacy ethicists discuss how the Code of Ethics for Pharmacists can provide guidance on ethical challenges that occur in practice. View webinar here.

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