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Professional practice standards

Professional practice standards are about the systems and procedures which registered pharmacists need to deliver a quality service to all Australians.

The standards cover a wide range of topics including counselling, compounding and disease state management.

Follow this link for a list and details of all practice standards.

Famciclovir for treatment of herpes labialis (cold sores)

Cold sores are caused by recurrent herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection. They usually occur on and around the lips, but can affect the skin on the face if this is where the primary attack occurred.


Levonorgestrel for emergency contraception

Approved indication: emergency contraception.

Veterans MATES Topic 30: Renal function

Veterans’ MATES therapeutic Topic 30 is now available on the secure web site.

Know your patient’s renal function – an important prescribing consideration, discusses medicines that may require renal function monitoring in the general practice setting and highlights the need to assess renal function when prescribing these medicines, especially for older people or for those with diabetes.

Information on this topic and previous topics is available at  www.veteransmates.net.au.


Professional Practice Standards version 4

Professional standards allow the pharmacy profession to qualitatively and quantitatively measure the commitment to providing high quality, reliable health care services and products. The Professional Practice Standards document can be viewed or downloaded from the link below. There are bookmarks within the  document to each standard and appendix. There is also a self-assessment worksheet for the standards.

Standard: Clinical interventions

A clinical intervention is the process of identifying a drug related problem and making a recommendation in an attempt to prevent or resolve it.
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Superseded standard

The following document has now been superseded, and is provided for reference only:

Professional Practice Standards V3 (7.5 MiB) Acrobat (pdf) file

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