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Self Care

PSA’s Self Care program gives pharmacies the tools to implement sustainable professional services, meet QCPP accreditation requirements and get the most out of the 5CPA incentives.

Not yet part of Self Care?  Find out more!


Better business results.
Better customer service.
Better staff training.
Better be part of Self Care!

There’s nothing else in community pharmacy that offers such a complete, cost-effective, staff friendly training program and resources to improve customer service and business results
Samantha Kourtis, Pharmacy owner, PSA member and part of Self Care.

Independent and unbiased, Self Care resources can be branded with your pharmacy details to make your practice stand out.

For more information email our Self Care team at psc.nat@psa.org.au or phone 1300 369 772

OUR VISION: Improving our nation's health through excellence in the practice of pharmacy
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