Help shape the future of pharmacy

Nominations for PSA’s 2020 State and Territory Branch Committee elections are due to open from February 24 for full financial members.


The election process will be held from March to May 2020.  Newly-elected committee members will hold office for a three-year term, starting on 1 July 2020.


The elections are a unique opportunity for members to engage with PSA, the peak national body for pharmacists, to:


  • Have your say in the future of PSA at a State and National level
  • Help lead the profession to support excellence in pharmacy
  • Influence PSA policies and ensure a viable and sustainable future for pharmacists and pharmacy
  • Enjoy professional development and new career opportunities.


What PSA is looking for? Nominate today


All eligible members with an interest in leading the profession are welcome to nominate for the 2020

Branch Committee elections.  As part of PSA’s diversity focus, we encourage nominations from:


  • Early Career Pharmacists (ECPs)
  • Female pharmacists
  • Pharmacists from a range of cultural backgrounds
  • Pharmacists located in rural and regional areas of Australia.


Election timetable

The key election announcements and dates include:



How to nominate

If you have the enthusiasm and drive to be a PSA leader and influence the profession, make sure you nominate.


Download the Branch Committee Elections 2020 Fact Sheet


Download the 2020 Branch Committee Elections Nomination Form