Record number of women elected to PSA Branch Committees

4 May 2023



The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) is proud to announce the members elected to PSA Branch Committees, to serve from 2023 to 2026.


In this election, PSA members have elected the highest number of female committee members in its history.


Thank you to all PSA members who nominated for positions. PSA and the pharmacy profession is stronger because of all nominees willingness to lead.


Congratulations to the members elected to State and Territory Branch Committees.


Incoming leaders will take office from 1 July 2023. New Branch Committee members will meet in the coming weeks to elect Branch Presidents and Board Directors.




COLLENETTE, Olivia (re-elected)

COOPER, Erin (elected)

EVANS, Kayla (re-elected)

KELLY, Andrew (re-elected)

LEUNG, Jess (elected)

MARTIN, Alicia (re-elected)

NAUNTON, Mark (re-elected)

SELLWOOD, Kara (re-elected)

TURNER, Kirstin (elected)



BENSON, Helen (re-elected)

CARROLL, Peter (re-elected)

CARTER, Karen (elected)

COLLINS, Jack (elected)

DIAMANDIS, Simone (elected)

DIAMANTIS, Caroline (re-elected)

FELKAI, Chelsea (re-elected)

KELLY, Luke (elected)

LOGAN, Nicholas (elected)

MOLES, Rebekah (re-elected)

PHAM, Lily (re-elected)

ROSE, Lachlan (re-elected)



BUCKLEY, James (re-elected)

CARSON, Sue (re-elected)

CONWAY, Emma (elected)

DAVIES, Caitlin (elected)

FREEMAN, Chris (re-elected)

KNOWLES, Hannah (re-elected)

MACDONALD, Shane (re-elected)

ROBERTS, Tim (re-elected)

TOTTERMAN, Bridget (re-elected)

WRIGHT, Karla (re-elected)



ANGLEY, Manya (re-elected)

DIMITRIADIS, Vicky (elected)

FORREST, Adam (elected)

FRASER, Lauren (elected)

HSIAO, Jess (elected)

NILAND, Colleen (re-elected)

ROGERS, Rebecca (re-elected)

SOULSBY, Natalie (re-elected)

SPEARE, Tobias (re-elected)

BUI, Tien (elected)



BREEN, Juanita (elected)

DILWORTH, Nicole (elected)

GROSS, Joanne (elected)

HOYLE, Daniel (elected)

JACKSON, Shane (re-elected)

JAMROZIK, Kate (elected)

KRUUP, Helen (elected)

PEACHEY, David (re-elected)

WILLIAMS, Mackenzie (re-elected)

KIRSCHBAUM, Mark (elected)


ABRAHAM, Atinuke (elected)

APOSTOLOPOULOS, Maria (re-elected)

CHEN, Esa (re-elected)

CROSS, Amanda (elected)

GILL, Taren (re-elected)

HAWTHORNE, Deborah (elected)

MARCHANT, Benjamin (re-elected)

MEHTA, Bobby (elected)

PAGE, Amy (re-elected)

SAUNDERS, Kellie (re-elected)

SHELLY, Brooke (elected)

WANG, Kate (elected)


ALMASSI, Negar (elected)

CASANOVA, Kerry-Anne (elected)

CLARK, Craig (elected)

NGUYEN, Phuong (elected)

OGUNDIPE, Ayomide (re-elected)

PISANO, Alyssa (elected)

RAY, Kristian (re-elected)

SHEEHAN, Lusi (re-elected)

SIM, Fei (re-elected)

WONG, Keegan (re-elected)