Pharmacists must be utilised to further improve health outcomes for South Australians

Thursday 17th March 2022


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s (PSA) South Australian Branch has called on the incoming South Australian Government to implement four key measures ahead of the state election this weekend.


Pharmacists must be better utilised, particularly in residential aged care facilities, to improve health outcomes for South Australians.


PSA SA Branch President, Robyn Johns, stressed the need for embedded pharmacists in the state’s residential aged care facilities.


“Ahead of this weekend’s election, PSA is calling on the incoming government to implement several measures which will benefit the health and wellbeing of South Australians, by better utilising the skills and experience of our pharmacist workforce.


“Of these recommendations, raising the standard of care for vulnerable residents in the state’s aged care facilities is of particular importance to us.


“Embedding pharmacists in aged care is the obvious solution to addressing longstanding issues like polypharmacy and chemical restraint in aged care facilities.


“Pharmacist involvement in aged care settings has proven effective in improving collaboration between healthcare professionals, reducing medication misadventure, improving transitions of care and addressing medicine-related questions or concerns posed by patients and their families.


“Our pharmacists are the solution to addressing the findings from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, and we desperately need the incoming South Australian Government to make this a priority in order to protect our most vulnerable.


“Other recommendations include enabling pharmacists to administer medicines by injection with an expanded range of vaccines, including the vaccine for Japanese Encephalitis, providing funding to employ pharmacists in Aboriginal Health Clinics across the state, and employing transition of care pharmacists in all South Australian hospitals.


“These measures will improve health outcomes for South Australians whilst better utilising the skills and experience of our pharmacists, and reducing pressure on other sectors of the health system.” Ms Johns said.




Media contact: PSA media 0424 777 463