8CPA negotiation continue, with Heads of Agreement signed

14 March 2024


Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care the Hon. Mark Butler MP has today announced the Heads of Agreement for the 8th Community Pharmacy Agreement (8CPA), with the intention to commence on 1 July 2024. Further details have not been finalised or publicly released.

While this does not represent the signing of an 8CPA, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) President Associate Professor Fei Sim FPS welcomes the certainty for community pharmacists and community pharmacy owners this announcement brings.

“Confidence and certainty are essential for a strong, sustainable community pharmacy network,” A/Prof Sim said. “We congratulate the Guild and the government for reaching Heads of Agreement which will provide confidence to the industry.”

A/Prof Sim highlighted that PSA’s broad membership base, as well as custodianship of practice standards, guidelines and ethics for the profession will be crucial in coming months as the details of pharmacy agreements are finalised:

“While there is still work to be done on the substance of the 8CPA, PSA remains committed to growth in funded professional services and continues to approach negotiations with this intent.”

“PSA maintains that professional elements are critical to any agreement and continue to advocate for scope of practice expansion informed by evidence and driven by best practice standards and guidelines.”

As negotiations for the 8CPA and other arrangements continue, PSA continues to engage in good faith with the government regarding professional pharmacist programs.

“PSA continues to champion programs to improve quality use of medicines and medicine safety, consistent with the National Medicines Policy, throughout discussions with government.

“I can reassure pharmacists and patients that Home Medicines Reviews, Residential Medication Management Reviews and Quality Use of Medicines services continue to be funded ongoing in the forward estimates.” A/Prof Sim noted.

Media contact:   Georgia Clarke   M: 0480 099 798  E: georgia.clarke@psa.org.au