Academic Advisory Committee



The role of the Academic Advisory Committee is to provide high level expert advice to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and management team on contemporary and relevant education and training related issues and opportunities.


Specifically, to advise on:


  1. local and international trends on education and training design and delivery
  2. local and international trends in pharmacy practice, including digital delivery, contemporary learning methods and innovative assessment methods
  3. factors that influence the pharmacists’ role in health care provision
  4. areas for capacity building and improving professional practice and service delivery across the pharmacy profession in Australia
  5. national priority areas for PSA’s education and training programs across the various practice settings
  6. the participant learning experience
  7. target audiences and associated needs
  8. potential opportunities for collaboration with other organisations


Operating Parameters


Committee representatives will be appointed for a 2 year term.


Committee members may nominate a proxy to Committee meetings, provided they are fully briefed and competent to act as a proxy, as determined by the Committee Chair. The Committee member needs to consult with the Chair before nominating a proxy.


The line of reporting for the Committee is directly to the CEO.


The General Manager – Knowledge Development and General Manager – Education and Training Delivery, and relevant staff of the respective business units will attend all Committee meetings. Other staff may attend meetings as required and agreed by the Committee Chair and CEO.


PSA Academic Advisory Committee_.TOR 2020


Please fill out the below form and return to education@psa.org.au by Sunday 6 December 2020


Academic Advisory Committee EOI Form