What are MMRs?

Home Medicines Review (HMR)

A Home Medicines Review (HMR) involves the patient, their general practitioner (GP), an accredited pharmacist and regular community pharmacy. In some cases other relevant members of the healthcare team, such as nurses in community practice or carers, are included. The pharmacist visits the patient at their home, reviews their medicine routine and provides their GP with a report. The GP and patient then agree on a medicine management plan.


The objectives of a HMR are to:


achieve safe, effective and appropriate use of medicines by detecting and addressing medicine-related problems that interfere with the patient’s desired outcomes improve the patient’s quality of life and health by using a best practice approach, that involves cooperation between the GP, pharmacist, other relevant health professionals and the patient (and where appropriate, their carer) improve the patient’s and health professional’s knowledge and understanding about the patient’s medicines build cooperative working relationships between members of the healthcare team in the interests of patient health and wellbeing.

Further information

Residential Medication Management Reviews (RMMR) and Quality Use of Medicines Services (QUM)

A Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR) is a service provided to a permanent resident of an Australian Government funded aged care facility (ACF). This includes those in flexible care arrangements (transitional care facilities), who are not eligible for a Home Medicines Review (HMR).


When requested by a resident’s general practitioner (GP), an accredited pharmacist conducts an RMMR in collaboration with the GP and appropriate members of the eligible resident’s healthcare team. Information about the resident’s medicine is collated and a comprehensive assessment is undertaken to identify, resolve and prevent medication-related problems. A report of this assessment is provided to the resident’s GP.


Under the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA), the RMMR program requires collaboration between pharmacists and GPs and allows for greater continuity of care for eligible aged care residents.


A RMMR Service consists of a patient interview, clinical assessment and written RMMR report. The same Accredited Pharmacist must conduct all steps of the RMMR Service.