ACT pharmacists to lead the way in reducing incorrect, inappropriate or overuse of medicines

Friday 29 March 2019


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) encourages pharmacists and doctors to adopt DORA, the online clinical tool launched today by the ACT Government to help to reduce the harm that can be caused by people misusing pharmaceuticals.


DORA is an extension of the Drugs and Poisons Information System (DAPIS), which is the regulatory business system used by ACT Health to monitor prescribing and supply of controlled medicines.


In welcoming today’s announcement, PSA ACT Branch President Renae Beardmore outlined how DORA will assist doctors and pharmacists to make safer clinical decisions, particularly regarding controlled medicines.


“Every year, 250,000 Australians are admitted to hospital as a result of medicine-related problems, according to PSA’s Medicine Safety: Take Care report.


“This new clinical tool along with real time prescription reporting will support both doctors and pharmacists in addressing patient safety and the misuse of medicines such as opioids and stimulants through monitoring incorrect, inappropriate or overuse of these medicines.


“The ACT is leading the way in adopting a patient-focussed prescription monitoring system that will reduce medicine-related problems, address the issue of prescription medicine addiction and lead to better health outcomes for patients.”


Media contact:
Jarryd Luke
Senior Communications Officer
0487 922 176