Changes to WA legislation enable pharmacist-administered COVID-19 vaccinations

Legislation changes in Western Australia have enabled pharmacies to take part in the COVID-19 Phase 2a vaccination program when the rollout commences from May 2021.


Pharmaceutical Society of Australia WA President, Dr Fei Sim, today welcomed the Government’s legislation changes, saying pharmacists had an important role to play in ensuring the WA community received their vaccinations across the State in a safe and secure process.


The Australian Government will facilitate the supply of doses to community pharmacies selected to participate in the rollout and provide payment per vaccination delivered, as well as providing vaccine-specific training and access to the National Booking System.


Participating community pharmacists will have responsibility for operations on their own premises, including:

  • on-site storage and administration of the vaccine;
  • ensuring availability of an adequately skilled workforce; and
  • taking all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with the minimum site requirements.


Dr Sim said the Structured Administration and Supply Arrangement (SASA), authorises health practitioners in pharmacies to administer or supply a medicine to any patient meeting the specified circumstances. A SASA means that a separate prescription or written direction to use the medicine is not required for each individual patient.


The SASA agreement covers pharmacists (or nurses) in section 90 pharmacies to administer TGA-registered COVID-19 vaccine products (except Pfizer-BioNTech) for Phase 2a.


Interns that have completed their immunisation and COVID-19 training can vaccinate under the direct supervision of a pharmacist (also immunisation and COVID-19 trained)


“Community pharmacies who do not participate in Phase 2a may still be involved in later phases of the vaccine rollout’” Dr Sim said.


“All community pharmacies who meet requirements have the opportunity to participate in the vaccine rollout as more vaccines become available.”


Dr Sim also reminded pharmacy practices that pharmacy students and pharmacy assistants may assist with consent and paperwork, but cannot administer the vaccine.



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