Victoria COVID-19 updates

This page contains the latest updates and information for pharmacists in Victoria.


For nationally relevant information visit PSA’s dedicated COVID-19 web page.


For Victorian regulatory changes, head to the Regulatory Changes page.

The curr​ent DHHS testing criteria includes both symptomatic and asymptomatic persons, subject to location and risk.  Details of symptoms and testing locations are available here.

The Victorian DHHS has issued advice and clinical guidance related to working in the Medication Assisted Treatment of Opioid Dependence (MATOD) sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Advice moderates existing MATOD policy for prescribers and dispensers in relation to:

  • Takeaway doses
  • Third party collection
  • Suboxone prescribing caps.


This information is intended to provide guidance and support for increased flexibility in clinical treatment during this time.  This advice was developed by alcohol and other drug experts and the Department of Health and Human Services, and will be supported by ongoing work by the department to identify optimal pathways for vulnerable clients, including pharmacotherapy patients.


If you have any questions in relation to this information, please make contact with your local Pharmacotherapy Area Based Network in the first instance. Alternatively you may submit questions to aod.enquiries@dhhs.vic.gov.au.

Contact the DHHS on 1300 651 160.

The location of COVID-19 respiratory clinics are available via the DHHS website

PHN Phone Email Website
North Western Melbourne 03 9347 1188 nwmphn@nwmphn.org.au www.nwmphn.org.au
Eastern Melbourne 03 9046 0300 info@emphn.org.au www.emphn.org.au
South Eastern Melbourne 1300 331 981 info@semphn.org.au www.semphn.org.au
Murray 03 5441 7806 info@murrayphn.org.au www.murrayphn.org.au
Western Victoria 03 5222 0800 info@westvicphn.com.au www.westvicphn.com.au

Surgical masks request form

03 5175 5444 info@gphn.org.au www.gphn.org.au
PSA’s response to the Victorian government inquiry into COVID-19


If you have any queries or are looking for the latest, up-to-date advice regarding COVID-19 in your state or territory, please contact your local PSA office.