Extraordinary Queensland pharmacists recognised

23 March 2021


Queensland pharmacists and their contribution to the health and wellbeing of Queenslanders has been recognised at the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s (PSA’s) Queensland Annual Therapeutic Update (ATU) conference on the weekend.


Queensland PSA Branch President, Shane MacDonald, presented awards in Surfer’s Paradise on Saturday night to the awardees, including:

• Bridget Totterman MPS, Queensland Pharmacist of the Year (Bowl of Hygiea)
• Hannah Knowles MPS, Early Career Pharmacist of the Year
• Joshua Clements, James Dare Graduate of the Year
• Gilbert Yeates MPS, Gold Medal – Lifetime Achievement Award


Mr MacDonald said the awards recognised the outstanding contribution of the winners alongside the vital role pharmacists provided to communities throughout Queensland.


“These awards highlight the incredible talent that we have across the depth and breadth the of pharmacy profession in Queensland. The winners have truly embodied PSA’s vision for the profession Pharmacists in 2023 and have all clearly demonstrated their contribution to the profession in Queensland.”


“For example, Bridget has demonstrated leadership and drive for improvement in medicine safety and medicine management systems. Her role has fostered rapid translation and adoption of new protocols and digital initiatives across pharmacy and general practice, clearly demonstrated during the COVID pandemic.”

PSA has also recognised the contribution of pharmacists who have been elevated to the honour of PSA Fellowship. This year both Joyce McSwan FPS and Beverly Glass FPS were conferred as PSA Fellows.


Awardee profiles


Bridget Totterman, Queensland Pharmacist of the Year


Bridget was awarded Queensland Pharmacist of the Year for outstanding leadership and change management.


Bridget is the Chief Operating Officer of the White Retail – White Medical Group, Clinical Fellow of the Queensland University of Technology, pharmacy owner and member of PSA’s Queensland Branch Committee.


She leads and manages seven pharmacies and eight medical practices, alongside being the business owner of an additional four pharmacies


Quotes attributable to Mr Shane MacDonald:


“Bridget demonstrates exceptional leadership, business acumen and change management within her career.”


“PSA commends Bridget for building front-line health care teams in primary care, across both  pharmacy and general practice and for her contribution to the profession across in immunisation, palliative care initiatives, the urinary tract infection pilot and now supporting COVID vaccination.”



Hannah Knowles, Early Career Pharmacist of the Year


The Early Career Pharmacist Award has gone to Hannah Knowles for her contribution towards the transitions of care and action for change. Hannah’s work and advocacy saw the PSA secure an election promise from the Palaszczuk government to look at best practice transitions of care across all 16 Hospital and Health Services.


Since coming on board as a PSA branch committee member, Hannah has provided incredible insight from her hospital residency, community pharmacy and through to her contribution in FIP committees.


Quotes attributable to Mr Shane MacDonald:


“Her willingness to contribute and lead and support fellow early career pharmacists is exceptional, a worthy winner of the Queensland PSA Early Career Pharmacist Award”



Joshua Clements, James Dare PSA Graduate of the Year


James was recognised for his academic excellence and contribution to his pharmacy community. Mr Clements was awarded the Bachelor of Pharmacy with Distinction from Griffith University in December 2020. Joshua earned the Griffith University Awards for Academic Excellence for every year of his enrolment, from 2017 to 2020


Quotes attributable to Mr Shane MacDonald:


“Joshua is a gregarious and highly motivated student, with a passion for the pharmacy profession and demonstrated leadership among his peers. He is an eager contributor to his pharmacy community and exhibits the best values of our profession’s code of ethics.”



Gilbert Yeates, Lifetime Achievement Award


Gilbert has been an active member of the PSA for over 45 years, and State Councillor from 2007-2014. He is recognised for his significant and ongoing contribution to the profession over many years and across all walks of practice, from community, hospital, academia, professional development, policy, advocacy and professional indemnity.


Quotes attributable to Mr Shane MacDonald:


“Gilbert is well respected by his patients and peers for his confidential and expert advice on professional responsibilities. He engages with those at all levels of the profession, and generously provides counsel to many pharmacists in official and informal capacities,”


“His ongoing contribution to community and hospital pharmacy, academia, professional development, policy, advocacy, and professional indemnity is outstanding.”


“There has not been an issue relating to the practice of pharmacy in recent history that Gilbert has not been involved with and significantly contributed to, from pharmacist immunisation though to medication management, prescribing and practitioner development. The profession has a lot to be thankful for”.



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