Hundreds of medicines more accessible for Tasmanians under Rockliff’s plan

2 March 2023


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) welcomes the Tasmanian Government’s announcement that continued dispensing arrangements have been expanded to include hundreds of new medicines, including the oral contraceptive pill, asthma puffers, statins, and medicines for the management of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.


From Monday, 6 March, Tasmanians who urgently require a new supply of most Prescription Only Medicines can access a one-off supply from their local pharmacy in the event they are unable to access a renewed prescription.


PSA Tasmania President David Peachey welcomed the announcement and congratulated the Rockliff Government on implementing a leading medicine accessibility policy.


“The Tasmanian Government, under the leadership of Premier Jeremy Rockliff, is leading the nation with allowing more equitable access to medicines for chronic but stable conditions,” Mr Peachey said.


“We are the first state to permanently allow patients on a long-term medicines for stable chronic condition to access one additional repeat supply of their essential medicines directly from their local pharmacist if they cannot access a GP for any reason.


“This means that therapy will not be interrupted if a patient loses their medicine, they run out unexpectedly, or they can’t get in to see their GP for a repeat.


“Patient safety is paramount, and we need to ensure that clinical governance measures are in place.



“Pharmacists will need to verify previous and recent supply of the medicine to that patient – so if you’re not going to your regular pharmacy, keeping the empty box of the previous supply will help the pharmacist help you.


“Premier Rockliff has been a great supporter of pharmacists practicing to our top of scope, and I welcome the opportunity to continue working with him and his team to make healthcare more accessible for all Tasmanians.




Media contact:   Georgia Clarke   M: 0480 099 798  E: georgia.clarke@psa.org.au