PSA22: Intern of the Year and Locum of the Year awards

30 July 2022


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) is proud to announce the 2022 Intern Pharmacist of the Year and Locum Pharmacist of the Year, which were awarded at PSA22’s plenary session this morning.


Shaylee Mills has been awarded the 2022 PSA MIMS Intern Pharmacist of the Year.


Sean Richardson has been awarded the 2022 PSA Locumate Locum Pharmacist of the Year.


The PSA MIMS Intern Pharmacist of the Year Award recognises intern pharmacists who show outstanding performance in their development as professional pharmacists.


“Shaylee Mills has demonstrated her enthusiasm and innovation as an intern pharmacist, and the importance of team work when delivering health services in rural and remote parts of Western Australia,” PSA National President Dr Fei Sim said.


“Shaylee has made positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of her local community in the Kimberley region, especially in response to COVID-19, when she worked alongside a team of dedicated senior pharmacists and mentors.”


“Shaylee’s passion to improve rural healthcare is evident, as she advocates for more students and interns to consider undertaking a rural placement/internship, contributing to rural workforce capacity.”


MIMS CEO Robert Best also congratulated Shaylee, reaffirming MIMS commitment to supporting the next generation of pharmacists.


“MIMS acknowledges that pharmacists are the cornerstone of advising, educating and dispensing medicines across Australia, and view the pharmacy profession as the most important and pivotal part of our medicines ecosystem when dealing with consumers and patients,” he said.


“For nearly six decades, MIMS has been the most trusted provider of drug and medicines information across the Australian healthcare industry.


“It’s this longevity of use that compels MIMS to ensure that Interns who are driving the future of Pharmacy can trust MIMS to stand side-by-side with them as a resource partner.”


The PSA Locumate Locum Pharmacist of the Year Award recognises the incredible impact locum pharmacists make all over Australia.


“I’m proud to award Sean Richardson with PSA’s first ever Locum Pharmacist of the Year Award, acknowledging the vital work of locum pharmacists especially during the pandemic,” Dr Sim said.


“Sean has helped countless pharmacies across Australia and is always encouraging students and pharmacists to make the move to rural and locum pharmacy.”


Locumate co-founder Kavita Nadan also extended her congratulations to the winner.


“Locumate’s vision is to create a community for locums to feel supported and recognised for their ongoing efforts in helping our profession and being an integral part in delivering the vital healthcare services that pharmacy offers our communities.


“Through innovation and technology, Locumate is determined to change the experience for pharmacists and pharmacies in our industry.


PSA extends thanks to award sponsors, MIMS and Locumate, and looks forward to working with them again in 2023.




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The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia is the professional organisation of Australian pharmacists. PSA is the only government-recognised peak national body for pharmacists, representing all of the pharmacy profession in Australia.