PSA and PDL join forces in new partnership

24 November 2022


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has entered into a new partnership with Pharmaceutical Defence Limited (PDL), to enhance collaboration between the two organisations on medicine safety and pharmacist practice support.


Both organisations agreed to explore new medicine safety initiatives, including support for a future nationally coordinated pharmacovigilance system, and medicine incident and near-miss reporting systems, to provide feedback on the safe and effective use of medicines.


Under the agreement, PSA will commence work on the sixth report in PSA’s flagship Medicine Safety report series. A Practice Support Liaison Group will also be established between the two organisations to enhance support for pharmacists and scope of practice across all areas of pharmacy practice.


PSA National President Dr Fei Sim says that it puts both organisations in a stronger position to make medicines safer for all Australians through excellence in pharmacist practice.


“We are stronger when we work together, and this will allow our organisations to collaborate on future medicine safety reports, and to progress medicine safety initiatives such as a nationally coordinated pharmacovigilance system.


“PDL is incredibly well trusted by the profession, and has supported pharmacists for generations, through investment in pharmacist education and scholarships as well as practice support. PSA is excited to see that practice support expand for pharmacists across all practice settings.


“I’d like to thank PDL for their support and collaboration, and for their ongoing commitment to the pharmacy profession and to improving medicine safety for all Australians.”


PDL Board Chair Paul Naismith said that the agreement will unite PDL and PSA members, who share the common goal of improving medicine safety in Australia.


“As the peak body representing all pharmacists, PSA has demonstrated it is a leader in medicine safety by driving excellence in pharmacist practice. At PDL, we’re excited to be working together with PSA to help tailor practice support across the profession in areas it will have the biggest impact on improving medicine safety.


“We look forward to supporting and working with PSA to further strengthen our great profession as it strives to deliver on Australia’s growing health needs.



PSA media contact: Georgia Clarke M: 0410 505 315 E: georgia.clarke@psa.org.au

PDL media contact: Alice Faull P: 03 9958 0504 E: alice.faull@pdl.org.au