Keep ahead of the spread and get your flu jab by your local pharmacist

It’s that time of year again, with influenza looming large as the seasons change.


Whilst attention is currently centred on the COVID-19 virus, the danger of the influenza cannot be underestimated, nor understated. Influenza is dangerous and highly infectious, and potentially life-threatening to at-risk Australians.


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) is encouraging people to heed the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation’s (ATAGI) advice to vaccinate against influenza annually.


Annual vaccination is necessary in providing the best protection for you and people you come in contact with, including family and friends. ATAGI stated that it’s not possible to predict what this flu season may look like, therefore, it’s imperative for Australian’s to keep ahead of the spread.


According to data from the Australian Immunisation Register, less than 40% of influenza vaccines have been administered compared with this time last year.


At present, community pharmacies across the country have full fridges of the influenza vaccine and pharmacists are ready to immunise Australians.


Pharmacists are the most accessible health care professionals in Australia. Ninety five percent of Australians in capital cities live within two kilometres of a community pharmacy and sixty five percent of Australians in rural Australia are the same.


PSA recommends booking vaccinations with your local pharmacist, noting that many pharmacies still accommodate walk-ins.


PSA National President, Associate Professor Chris Freeman, stressed the importance of immunisation as the seasons change.


“Unlike the COVID-19 vaccine, supply is plentiful and there are no rollout phases. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come forward and receive their influenza vaccination.”


“Whilst you are waiting for your COVID-19 vaccine, there is still plenty everyone can do to support our community and protect Australia’s most vulnerable. One of the best ways is to get immunised against influenza, remembering we need 14 clear days between COVID 19 immunisation and other immunisations. So don’t forget about your flu shot!”


Media contact: PSA media 0487 922 176