Local pharmacists kick off in regional Victoria

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) is pleased that 8 rural and remote community pharmacies in Victoria have been activated in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, but calls for state-wide involvement.


Today, local pharmacists in towns including Beechworth, Mansfield and Yackandandah commenced vaccinating their communities against COVID-19.


PSA is working closely with the Victorian Government to secure maximal pharmacist involvement in the vaccination strategy, and is pleased to see that first step has been taken.


PSA National President, A/Prof Chris Freeman, and PSA Victoria Branch President, John Jackson, acknowledged that more work is still required.


“Community pharmacists have been vaccinating against influenza since 2014, and PSA is glad to see that the same process is now being applied to combatting coronavirus,” Mr Jackson said.


“This is a start – but on-boarding less than a dozen local pharmacies in regional areas simply isn’t enough.


“The state is currently in the midst of yet another outbreak, therefore, utilising community pharmacists at this juncture is imperative to protecting Victorians. Activate the full pharmacist workforce now!” Mr Jackson said.


“After an incredibly challenging year and a half for Victorians, local pharmacist involvement in the rollout is welcomed news for the state that has been hit hardest by COVID-19, but 8 local pharmacies isn’t enough,” A/Prof Chris Freeman added.


“We need Victoria to follow New South Wales’ lead on this, by making all COVID 19 vaccines available through local pharmacies. All Australians should have the option to go to their local pharmacist for their vaccine because it is so easy and simple to do.”


PSA is dedicated to supporting pharmacists in delivering the COVID-19 vaccine both safely and effectively to the public, and pharmacists around the country remain ready and on standby to support the strategy.





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