Pharmacists and health leaders recognised in King’s Birthday Honours

12 June 2023


Dr Fei Sim FPS, National President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA), extends her warmest congratulations to three distinguished pharmacists and PSA members who have been recognised in today’s King’s Birthday Honours for their outstanding contributions to the pharmacy profession and community.


PSA Life Fellow Associate Professor Louis Roller AM FPS has been recognised for his significant service to the pharmacy profession through education and governance. Dr Sim highlights Assoc. Prof. Roller’s invaluable contributions to the advancement of pharmacy education and his tireless efforts to improve the standards of pharmacy practice.


“Assoc. Prof. Roller’s exceptional dedication to education and governance has had a profound impact on the pharmacy profession for decades. His passion for knowledge-sharing and commitment to excellence is truly commendable,” Dr Sim remarked.


PSA Life Member Mr Kerry Schiemer OAM MPS, a longstanding contributor to the pharmacy profession has also been recognised for his service to aviation. Dr Sim commends Mr Schiemer’s unwavering commitment to providing quality care and enhancing the health outcomes of patients.


“Mr Schiemer’s tireless efforts and exemplary service reflect the very essence of our profession. We are proud to see his contributions recognised with this prestigious honour,” said Dr Sim.


PSA member and esteemed pharmacist from Queensland, Mr Brett Clark AM MPS has been honoured for his remarkable service to community health, the arts, and sports organisations. As the Founder and Managing Director of ePharmacy since 2005 and the Managing Partner of Chemist Warehouse since 2005, Mr Clark has made significant contributions to improving healthcare access and promoting the well-being of communities.


“Mr Clark’s entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication have transformed the landscape of community health. His excellent leadership and dedication to serving others have left an indelible mark,” Dr Sim said.


PSA would also like to acknowledge the remarkable contribution of the following health leaders to their respective fields –  Professor David Craik, Professor Michael Kidd, Dr Anna Lavelle and Professor Danielle Mazza.


“Professor Craik’s pioneering work in the Victorian College of Pharmacy had a profound impact on the profession. His commitment to education and mentorship has inspired countless researchers and pharmacists,” said Dr Sim.


“Professor Michael Kidd has made invaluable contributions throughout the pandemic, demonstrating exceptional leadership and expertise in medical administration and community health.


“Dr Anna Lavelle’s significant service to science and innovation, exemplified through her various roles, including her position as the Chair of Medicines Australia since 2018, has been truly commendable.


“Professor Mazza’s commitment to women’s health and her research achievements have made a significant impact on healthcare in Australia.


Dr Sim expresses her heartfelt congratulations to all receiving well-deserved honours today. Their exceptional achievements and commitment to excellence inspire pharmacists across the nation to strive for greatness in their profession.