Pharmacists’ remuneration for COVID-19 vaccinations must be addressed

Friday 10th December 2021


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) is calling on Federal Government to equally remunerate pharmacists for their involvement in the national vaccination strategy.


As present, pharmacists are receiving $16 per booster vaccine administered, whilst other providers such as general practitioners can receive up to $63.55 – an unfair disparity for providing the same service.


PSA National President, A/Prof Chris Freeman, stressed that the current remuneration model for COVID-19 vaccinations simply isn’t sustainable.


“On Monday, paediatric vaccinations were approved by the TGA, opening up vaccination eligibility to 2.3 million Australian children. This means that extra consultation time will be required to undertake appropriate assessment and consenting, placing further strain on service sustainability.


“As mass vaccination hubs continue to downscale operations over the coming months and we revert to pre-pandemic primary health arrangements, responsibility will fall back on immunisation providers to cover both the 5-11s cohort as well as those eligible for their booster dose.


“Frustration is mounting within the profession. Our pharmacists have had enough and can no longer justify running this service at a loss.


“If the disparity isn’t addressed soon, I am worried we’ll see pharmacies withdrawing their involvement in the national strategy, causing further setbacks in 2022.


“If pharmacists are forced to withdraw from the program, pressure will fall on already-overworked GPs and other primary care providers to deliver – causing patients to delay their vaccination.


“As a nation that is on the verge of more widely opening up to domestic and international travel, we simply cannot afford to drop the ball on this.


“We need to support our frontline pharmacists so they can continue to support the Australian community,” A/Prof Freeman said.




The following table shows a breakdown of the pay rates for different providers:


Description Pharmacists General Practitioners
*MM1 Fee *MM2-7 Fee *MM1 Fee *MM2-7 Fee
First Dose Administration $16 $19 $31.05 $37.70
Second Dose Administration (by same provider) $26 $29 $34.45 $37.80
Additional Dose (including third dose for immunocompromised and boosters) $16 $19 $24.45 $27.80
COVID-19 Vaccine Suitability Assessment (billable once only) Nil Nil $39.10 $39.10


Pharmacists receive a flat $16 for administering a booster vaccine, whilst GPs may be able to claim additional dose administration ($24.45), and a suitability assessment ($39.10) for a total of $63.55. This is higher for GP’s in rural areas and after hours.


No after-hours payments are available for pharmacists despite many providing access outside of normal business hours.


If all three doses and a COVID-19 Vaccine Suitability Assessment are provided by the same practitioner, in a major city, a pharmacist would receive $58, whilst a GP would receive $129.05.


*MMM = Modified Monash Model defines whether a location is a city, rural, remote or very remote. It measures remoteness and population size on a scale of Modified Monash (MM) category MM 1 to MM 7. MM 1 is a major city and MM 7 is very remote.*



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