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Pharmacists protected over 2 million members of the community from the flu in 2019*.

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As custodians of the immunisation practice guidelines, completing your training with PSA, ensures that you are well prepared to meet practice standards and deliver successful immunisation services. PSA continually optimises its high quality program to enhance your training experience. Whether you are looking to start immunising, or to maintain your competency, PSA has everything you need.

PSA has trained more pharmacists to immunise across Australia than any other training provider.

PSA Immunisation Training

PSA’s immunisation training is suitable for pharmacists who wish to add immunising services to their scope of practice. Training delivery is blended, using online modules and face to face workshops. Learn to manage the delivery and administration of injections, and immunise relevant to your state or territory.


APPIMM806 – Manage the delivery and administration of injections and immunisations.


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PSA Transition Training

PSA Transition training assists pharmacists with changes to scope of practice, or to meet requirements of another state or territory.


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PSA Refresher Training

PSA practical refresher workshops are recommended for pharmacists who wish to refresh their knowledge and competencies.


For QLD, pharmacists must ensure that they undertake yearly Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the area of immunisation to ensure they are up to date in their practice. Where the time elapsed since initial practical training is more than 12 months and where a pharmacist has not administered at least two (2) vaccines in the preceding 12 months via either the intramuscular or subcutaneous routes, practical refreshment of the unpractised injection techniques (intramuscular, subcutaneous or both) must be undertaken as part of the CPD. In monitoring compliance with this QPV standard, officers authorised under the Queensland Health Act 1937 may request evidence that CPD requirements are met and that first aid, CPR and anaphylaxis qualifications are current.


For other states and territories, please contact your local state for upcoming refresher training.

Immunisation Update for Pharmacists 2020

This online module with assessment includes the latest updates on the composition, changes and recommendations for 2020 influenza vaccine. It also discusses measles and shoulder injury related to vaccine administration.


Immunisation Additional Resources

Visit the Knowledge Base and Resources page for additional immunisation resources.


*AJP Daily 30/10/2019

Advanced Stage Training

Advanced workshops are being offered across Australia to support your work in general practice and individual professional development needs.


Workshops will cover both clinical and non-clinical topics. For further information or to register your interest, please email

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