Prescription Medicine Safety: Managing risk, driving and constructive conversations

Delivered by experts in the area of Alcohol and Drug misuse and treatment, including:
Dr Kylie Bailey – Senior Clinical Psychologist, Service Manager, Drug & Alcohol and Aged Care, Hunter Primary Care

Kylie is a senior clinical psychologist and has conducted research on young people and alcohol misuse, and investigated treatment responses to psychosocial interventions for adults who have co-existing depression, alcohol misuse and posttraumatic stress symptoms. Kylie is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle. She graduated from the University of Newcastle with a PhD (Psychiatry,) a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and a Master of Psychology (Clinical).

Dr Tony Gill – Senior Staff Specialist, St Vincent’s Drug & Alcohol Service; Chief Addiction Medicine Specialist, NSW Health

Tony is a Senior Staff Specialist with the St Vincent’s Drug and Alcohol Service. Tony is the Medical Director of the Central Coast Drug and Alcohol Service and Conjoint Lecturer at the University of NSW and Newcastle University, as well as Chief Addiction Medicine Specialist at the Ministry of Health, NSW. Tony has previously worked for many years in an advisory capacity for Government, providing expert clinical advice as Clinical Director of the former Drug Programs Bureau in the Ministry of Health.

Associate Professor Suzanne Nielsen – Deputy Director, Monash Addiction Research Centre, Melbourne; NHMRC Career Development Fellow.

Suzanne has published over 110 scientific publications and given over 150 national and international conference presentations. Her research has led to a greater understanding of how to identify and respond to prescription and over-the-counter drug-related problems. She has informed legislative change in Australia to reduce pharmaceutical drug harm (e.g. rescheduling of codeine and alprazolam), expanded overdose prevention with naloxone in primary care settings, and informed clinical guidelines on the use of opioid agonist treatment for prescribed opioids dependence. Her current research focuses on understanding how to improve identification of prescribed opioid use disorder, with the aim of reducing risks relating to prescribed opioid use through evidence based treatment and prevention.



Medication safety, including fitness to drive

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Prescription Medicines, Fitness to Drive and Constructive Conversations

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Could Naloxone be an option? – Multiple medicines case studies

Prescription Medicines Safety Program Session 3

Opioid replacement Therapy and Complex Case Study