Administering medicines by injection

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The Administering Medicines by Injection Course

Build your confidence and competence in administering medicines by injection, empowering you to provide integrated patient care, and enabling patients to have greater access to safe administration of medicines.


PSA has developed the Guidelines for pharmacists administering medicines by injection and is the only  provider of education and training required for pharmacists to administer medicines by injection.


Please note: this online course is designed for trained and authorised pharmacist immunisers to continue professional development and upskill in administering medicines by injection.

If you are not a pharmacist immuniser, you must complete Immunisation Training before administering medicines by injection and before completing the Injection Course.


Guidelines relevant to administering medicines by injection include the Guidelines for pharmacists administering medicines by injection and the Practice guidelines for the provision of immunisation services.


PSA are custodians of a range of Guidelines to support pharmacists in practice.


The authority and recognition of the pharmacist’s role in administering medicines by injection, is provided by jurisdictional legislation and may vary nationally.


Pharmacists must meet relevant legislative requirements for the State or Territory in which they practise, to administer medicines by injection.


Currently it is permitted (with conditions) in Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and New South Wales.


More comprehensive legislative requirements are outlined within the Injection course.

An innovative and contemporary training course only at PSA, to respond to emerging health needs.

Advanced Stage Training

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Workshops will cover both clinical and non-clinical topics. For further information or to register your interest, please email gppharmacist@psa.org.au

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