Residential Aged Care Pharmacist

Residential Aged Care Pharmacist

Become a Residential Aged Care Pharmacist

The role of the residential aged care pharmacist is emerging in Australia. There is a significant number of residents taking multiple medications and often high-risk medicines.


As medicines experts, pharmacists are well placed to provide clinical pharmacy services and activities to ensure the safe and quality use of medicines in residential aged care facilities. Pharmacists play a valuable role in determining how to best manage the appropriate use of medicines  and how potential step downs should occur.


Generally, a pharmacist provides a Medication Management Review every two years. However, by being present in the facility, pharmacists can undertake on the spot medication reviews and follow up based on resident need, improving the safety and care of residents.


The PSA Residential Aged Care Pharmacist Foundation Training Program is the only short and affordable online CPD training currently available. This course provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to lead the way in medicine safety in order to optimise patient health outcomes, whilst utilising the full extent of your clinical knowledge.

Why now?

In January 2019 the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was undertaken. The findings highlight that Australia is facing a critical problem with medicine mismanagement in aged care facilities.


There is no doubt that the absence of regular pharmacist services in aged care facilities is causing harm to older Australians. As custodians of medicine safety, pharmacists are here to keep people safe from medicine-related harm. When you don’t have the right level of investment in pharmacists, this is the outcome which results.

“This is a game of Russian roulette, and unfortunately our older Australians are paying the price.”


– PSA National President, Associate Professor Chris Freeman

PSA’s Medicine Safety: Aged Care Report, findings demonstrate that need for onsite Residential Aged Care Pharmacists. You can read the report HERE.

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What’s in it for you?

This short accredited CPD foundation training will help you build confidence and competence to upskill and understand the aged care environment. You will advance your knowledge and skills in evidence based practice and in the provision of clinical pharmacy services in aged care to provide support to patients and other members of the healthcare team.


You will have access to:


  • Five online modules
  • Nine video lectures on aged care clinical topics
  • Three optional modules dedicated to quality use of medicines
  • Numerous support tools and resources