Victorian Opioid Pharmacotherapy Program

Opioid Replacement Therapy Training Program

Be at the forefront of Opioid Replacement Therapy service

PSA offers the following training programs to enable pharmacists and pharmacy staff deliver a safe and patient-centred Opioid Replacement Therapy (ORT) service.


  • Victorian Opioid Pharmacotherapy Program (VOPP) – for pharmacists and pharmacy staff
  • Long Acting Injectable Buprenorphine Administration by Pharmacists Training (LAIB Training) – for pharmacists


Why are these training programs important?

The aim of these training programs is to provide pharmacists and pharmacy support staff with the relevant knowledge, skills and tools required to deliver a safe and patient-centred Opioid Replacement Therapy (ORT) service.


The VOPP will help pharmacists and pharmacy staff identify those who would benefit from pharmacotherapy, engage in a discussion of the benefits of the program in a non-stigmatising manner, and ensure the consistency and quality of services offered.


The LAIB training will enable pharmacist acquire relevant knowledge and skills to administer long-acting injectable buprenorphine in a safe and patient-focused environment.


What’s in it for you?

The VOPP and LAIB training


  • are FREE for all pharmacists and pharmacy staff in Victoria
  • have all you need to know about delivering an ORT service
  • help you establish your pharmacy to support patients with an opioid dependence
  • enable you to play a key role in reducing the health, social and economic harms to individuals and the community


Your learning journey

The table below illustrates the training requirements for pharmacists to:

Provide ORT service including methadone and oral buprenorphine

    Complete VOPP


Administer long acting injectable buprenorphine


   Complete VOPP

   Complete an accredited Immunisation training

   Complete LAIB training

VOPP explained

This program is delivered via a blended mode, consisting of the following:

  • Self-paced pre-reading online modules
  • Two-part series facilitator-led workshop (Workshop 1 and 2)


The program content comprises of Part 1 and Part 2:


Workshop 1 or Pre-reading online modules

  • covers all necessary information and knowledge on ORT
  • addresses the learning objectives of Part 1


Workshop 2

  • is a case scenario based workshop that reinforces concepts through real life scenarios and group discussions, led by the workshop facilitator
  • addresses the learning objectives of Part 2


Please note:

  • Workshop 1 is optional. Participants may choose to complete the online modules only, as pre-reading for Workshop 2.
  • Workshop 1 and 2 are available via digital delivery (video conferencing platform Zoom) and face-to-face. Delivery method will be indicated when selecting the workshop dates.

LAIB training explained

This self-paced online training module details the relevant knowledge, skills and tools required for pharmacists to administer long-acting injectable buprenorphine.


In Victoria, in order to administer LAIB, pharmacist are required to


  • be familiar with and understand requirements for pharmacotherapy program delivery by:
    1. Completing VOPP (described above) OR
    2. Working as a registered pharmacist in ORT delivery for at least five years
  • be familiar with and understand requirements for injection administration, by completing an accredited Immunisation training
  • complete this LAIB Training



For more information about the training programs, please contact PSA Learner Support at learnersupport@psa.org.au.


For further support on the ORT service in Victoria, please contact Alcohol and other Drugs, Department of Health at aod.enquiries@dhhs.vic.gov.au



PSA acknowledges the support of the Victorian State Government.