PSA CSI Week: The Interdisciplinary Team-based Care CSI

On day two of CSI Week, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has announced its third Community of Specialty Interest.


Today, 14th September, PSA has launched the Interdisciplinary Team-based Care (ITBC) CSI, Chaired by consultant clinical pharmacist, Debbie Rigby.


An interdisciplinary approach is the preferred model of care to optimise medication management by working collaboratively, with a common purpose, to set goals, make decisions, and share resources and responsibilities.


The care team need to work together to provide and implement a medication management plan that meets the patient’s goals and needs. The ITBC CSI will connect, engage, and empower pharmacists with a passion for collaboration, judicious and safe use of medications, and optimal patient outcomes.


Ms Rigby explained how this group will further the PSA and the profession as a whole.


“The Interdisciplinary Team-based Care CSI will bring pharmacists working across different models of care and programs such as HMRs and RMMRs together. The forum allows them to discuss hot topics and challenges with other pharmacists, share interesting patient cases, identify educational needs, and provide a voice to inform PSA on policy and advocacy.


“Medicine safety is a national health priority, and pharmacists can contribute much more to this important issue through an interdisciplinary approach. An interdisciplinary approach involves team members from different disciplines working collaboratively, with a common purpose, to set goals, make decisions, and share resources and responsibilities.


“The introduction of CSIs is an exciting member benefit, with the potential to provide a voice for pharmacists working in innovative and future models of practice. Members of the CSI will have input into relevant consultation papers, evaluation and review of current professional programs, and CPD planning and delivery – helping to create our preferred future as pharmacists.


“Creating a social network of pharmacists both practicing and aspiring to practice in collaborative care, will provide opportunities to pick the brains of clinical experts and benefit from their experience. PSA will benefit from the perspective and experience of pharmacists practising in interdisciplinary team-based care to better target their member offerings,” Ms Rigby said.


To register for the ITBC CSI, please visit https://my.psa.org.au/s/csi-groups/interdisciplinary-teambased-care.




Media contact: PSA media 0424 777 463