PSA welcomes new Guild leadership

Friday, 19 March 2021; The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) congratulates the newly elected councillors on their appointment to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia National Council.


PSA National President, Associate Professor Chris Freeman FPS, welcomed the announcement today saying “the National Council of the Guild has an important task – never before has the need for strong, inclusive and consistent leadership across all the pharmacy representative organisations been so necessary”.


The global pandemic has shown Governments and the Australian public how vital pharmacists are to the health system. “PSA welcomes a new era of collaboration with the Guild on how we can support pharmacists to realise their scope of practice, and bring better roles, remuneration and recognition to the profession.” said Associate Professor Freeman.


PSA also commends Adjunct Professor Trent Twomey on being appointed the National President of the PGA.


Adjunct Professor Twomey’s contribution to the community pharmacy sector is commendable. His vision and passion for community pharmacy has been a driving force behind the Guild for over 10 years.


“I admire Trent’s determination and strategic vision for community pharmacy. His success driving progress in the profession, like through the Queensland UTI Pilot, has seen a renewed energy and helped kindle a positive conversation about pharmacists being able to deliver a broader scope of care to Australians”.


“I have a strong respect for Trent and what he has been able to achieve for the community pharmacy sector. I am committed to working to support a close, frank and professional collaboration between the Presidents of the Guild and PSA. We have seen in the past when we work together the profession as a whole benefits.” said Associate Professor Freeman.


PSA also acknowledges the outgoing Guild National President, Mr George Tambassis. Mr Tambassis led the Guild with distinction.


“The PSA has been in a position to work collaboratively with George as President of the Guild in areas such as medicine shortages, therapeutic substitution, and continued dispensing. On behalf of the PSA, I wish George well in his future endeavours.” said Associate Professor Freeman.


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