CPC24: Nation-leading advocate Brooke Shelly named Credentialed Pharmacist of the Year

3 May 2024




The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) is proud to announce the 2024 PSA MIMS Credentialed Pharmacist of the Year, presented at the PSA’s Credentialed Pharmacist Conference (CPC) in Cairns today.


The PSA MIMS Credentialed Pharmacist of the Year award recognises continuing excellence in the practice of credentialed pharmacy, dedication to enhancing the reputation of the profession, the development and implementation of innovative professional services, and the enduring commitment to advancing patient care and improved health outcomes.


The 2024 PSA MIMS Credentialed Pharmacist of the Year is Brooke Shelly MPS.


Ms Brooke Shelly is a passionate advocate for the practice of consultant pharmacy, and in particular the role of pharmacists in rural general practice. She has a growing reputation as an engaging and passionate speaker at conferences, symposiums and other networking and education events, as well as demonstrating her own passion for life-long learning. Her excellence was recognised as a finalist in the 2023 Victorian Rural Health Awards.


Brooke conducts Home Medicines Reviews (HMRs) and is a GP Pharmacist consulting at Ontario Medical Clinic and also has a role as a Clinical Pharmacist at Beyond Pain. She has developed and implemented new multidisciplinary models of care for aged care facilities and chronic disease cycle of care.


Brooke’s commitment to supporting the health of her community and all rural Australians is second to none. She is recognised as a leader in this space, being asked to present at the conferences as a role model for general practice pharmacists, especially in rural Australia. This commitment is evidenced by her leading a workshop at CPC24 to support other pharmacists in optimising outcomes from HMRs and embedded quality improvement activities. Brooke also serves the profession on a range of PSA committees, including on the Victorian Branch Committee and the Board of the Pharmaceutical Society of Victoria.


Ms Shelly’s broad range of innovative services span across general practice, disability services, aboriginal health services, pain management, telehealth and multidisciplinary team-based care significantly enhances the reputation of credentialed pharmacists. She has a particular focus on rural areas of practice, raising awareness on the scope and work of credentialed pharmacist, within the pharmacist community and general practice. Brooke assists in the training of the GP registrars in the CDM space and enjoys overseeing the PIP QI program, making her an invaluable asset to GPs and general practice. She is incredibly generous in sharing her experiences, challenges and innovative solutions in various pharmacist groups, social media and educational events.


Brooke has provided a significant contribution to the development of consultant pharmacy in Australia through her practice in a general practice in a rural area. and as a champion for multidisciplinary care. Brooke is an outstanding role model for pharmacy students, and established and developing practitioners.


PSA National President Associate Professor Fei Sim FPS presented the award to Ms Shelly at CPC24 this afternoon.


“Brooke is a trailblazer when it comes to highlighting the roles of credentialed pharmacists in medication management reviews wherever medicines are used. Brooke’s leadership and contribution has had widespread, systemic impact.,” A/Prof Sim said.


“Brooke is a leading national voice for this workforce, where she continues to make significant contributions to the development of credentialed pharmacy through her own practice and as a mentor and facilitator of discussions and support.


“Over the years, Brooke has been as a strong advocate for interdisciplinary collaboration. Brooke actively facilitates and demonstrates how pharmacists can and should form a critical part of a multidisciplinary team. It is also through her work in this space that she has been able to garner the support and recognition of other health professionals.


“On behalf of the PSA and the profession, I congratulate the 2024 PSA MIMS Credentialed Pharmacist of the Year Brooke Shelly and thank her for her ongoing commitment to the development of credentialed pharmacists across Australia.”


PSA also acknowledges the ongoing support of MIMS Australia and New Zealand, and particularly their CEO and Board Director Robert Best, for sponsoring this award and their ongoing support of the PSA.





Media contact:   Georgia Clarke   M: 0480 099 798  E: georgia.clarke@psa.org.au

CPC24: PSA announces package of support for credentialed pharmacists

3 May 2024


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has today announced a comprehensive membership package to support credentialed pharmacists through the transition to new credentials, and beyond.


Opening the Credentialed Pharmacist Conference CPC24 in Cairns today, PSA National President Associate Professor Fei Sim FPS announced the full membership package including dedicated resources and support for credentialed pharmacists, as well as dedicated education opportunities to continue developing practice throughout their careers.

This membership offering comes in addition to the announcement of the MMR recognition of prior learning pathway (pending accreditation by the Australian Pharmacy Council), allowing qualified pharmacists to transition to the new credential by completing a short bridging assessment or providing evidence of prior learning.

PSA Professional Plus members will have access to MMR RPL at no cost, and an exclusive discount on RPL for the aged care credential, which is a requirement to practise in the Aged Care On-site Pharmacist program.

“PSA is and always will be the home of credentialed pharmacists,” Associate Professor Fei Sim said.

“PSA has supported accredited pharmacists – soon to be credentialed pharmacists – from day one, advocating for ongoing HMR and RMMR funding, for lifting of caps on services, and for new, funded roles in aged care.


“When AACP closed, PSA chose to invest – rather than divest – in this part of the profession. We continued the tradition of a dedicated conference for accredited pharmacists, now called the Credentialed Pharmacist Conference. We brought on trusted and talented leaders and built a team at the PSA to continue to deliver good work to support our credentialed pharmacist workforce.


“We established in-house accreditation services, a public directory, and are currently undergoing accreditation of our credentialing process for Medication Management Reviews and Aged Care, which is set to recognise the experience of practising consultant pharmacists. I am happy to again confirm that this process will be free-of-charge for PSA Professional Plus members, making the transition more affordable and accessible.


“Professional Plus members also benefit from free access to PSA’s Aged Care Foundations Course – built by some of Australia’s pioneering aged care pharmacists and covering the essential topics for effective practice in aged care.


“In addition to education, PSA’s support for credentialed pharmacists is also growing, including access to PSA’s regular Clinical Update, which is a must-read that helps keep credentialed pharmacists on top of emerging clinical evidence from around the world, as well as discounts to all PSA conferences, including CPC25.


“PSA’s full suite of support is a testament to our commitment to credentialed pharmacists, unmatched by any other organisation at present. I am proud that PSA continues to be the home for credentialed pharmacists.”


Credentialed pharmacists can read more about the offer and PSA’s credentialing process here.

Media contact:   Georgia Clarke   M: 0480 099 798  E: georgia.clarke@psa.org.au