Tasmanian pharmacists ready to deliver influenza vaccinations

2 June 2022


Today’s announcement that Tasmanian pharmacists will be able to deliver free influenza vaccinations to Tasmanians ages 10 and over has been welcomed by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s (PSA) Tasmanian branch.


PSA Tasmania President David Peachey says the move will improve accessibility of flu vaccines for all Tasmanians, but said pharmacists can be doing more to help vaccinate children.


“Pharmacists have already delivered 30 per cent of Tasmania’s influenza vaccinations compared to 17 per cent nationally, and this funding will allow us to administer even more, now that every Tasmanian can get their flu shot at a local pharmacy for free.


“We appreciate that the Tasmanian Government is making a critical investment, by remunerating pharmacists for providing this service.


“PSA believes that pharmacists can be playing a greater role in vaccinating five to ten year old’s just as they have in other states this flu season.


“Pharmacists have demonstrated the crucial role they continue to play in protecting the health of Australians. Pharmacists are trained and ready to vaccinate children from five years old as they did during the pandemic.


Mr Peachey also highlighted the need for a national approach to influenza vaccination programs.


“PSA has long championed a consistent approach in all states and territories for pharmacists to administer vaccines.


“These state-based time-limited programs are only a band-aid for the bigger problem of funding arrangements which have not kept pace with population health needs.


“We urge the Federal Government to introduce an MBS service payment to pharmacists for administering vaccines, so that we can ensure more consumers have free access to potentially life-saving vaccinations.


“We need to make it easier for all Australians to be protected against influenza every year by consistently removing the cost barriers currently faaced by many Australians” he concluded.


Media contact: PSA media 0487 922 176