Update on internship requirements and examinations

PSA have been advocating on behalf of interns to the Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA) to ensure that interns are not delayed in the journey to general registration due to the impacts of Covid-19.


The PBA has today announced some interim modifications to some of the requirements for general registration and examinations.


The main changes are:

  • The number of supervised practice hours required for general registration has reduced from 1824 hours to 1575 hours
  • Interns are no longer required to complete a minimum of 80 hours of supervised practice during any four consecutive calendar week
  • Intern no longer have to complete a minimum of 152 hours of supervised practice under the supervision of an individual preceptor for those hours to count towards supervised practice.


Examinations Update:

  • A pass in the written examination will not be required to sit the October oral exam
  • To be eligible to sit the October oral exam, interns are required to have completed 75% of the revised supervised practice hours (1181 hours).


More detailed information can be found on the PBA’s website and the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) website.


At this time, we would encourage you to focus on maximising your workplace experience and completing your ITP assignments to prepare yourself for the examinations and general registration.


We appreciate these changes will impact you all differently so please contact us on 1300 369 772 or learnersupport@psa.org.au if you have any questions/would like to discuss.