UTI Pharmacy Pilot requires health sector co-operation, not turf wars

8 July 2022


Today Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) Queensland President Shane MacDonald has welcomed the Queensland Government’s announcement that the Urinary Tract Infection Pharmacy Pilot – Queensland (UTIPP-Q) has been extended permanently.


Mr MacDonald said that Queensland pharmacists are dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for patients, and reiterated PSA’s support for the pilot and its extension.


“Pharmacists are following a strict protocol based on antimicrobial stewardship and best practice guidelines,” he said. “They cannot supply treatment unless the guidelines are closely followed.”


“Anything outside of the protocol is referred to another physician, which is in most cases a GP.


“The Queensland University of Technology’s final report on the pilot found that pharmacists have the appropriate skills, competencies, and training to manage the empiric treatment of uncomplicated UTIs in the community pharmacy.”


PSA strongly rejects comments made today by the Australian Medical Association (AMA).


“Pharmacists are registered health professionals with the same ethical and moral obligations as doctors.


“We have a health system that is approaching breaking point. The health profession needs to work together to support patients as their health needs become more complex. This includes reducing duplication and empowering patients with self-care.


“Measures like pharmacist vaccination and the treatment of uncomplicated UTI help free up precious doctor’s time for complex chronic disease management and more complex presentations.


“PSA has worked with Queensland Health to ensure appropriate clinical governance measures in the trial to support safe and effective patient care. The outcomes described in the evaluation report show these worked and serve as a model for broader rollout in the future.”



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