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Early career pharmacists

The Early Career Pharmacists Working Group (ECPWG) was established both nationally and in each state branch early in 2009 to support pharmacists in the early stages of their career. It represents students, interns and registered pharmacists with up to 10 years of experience.


The purpose of the Early Career Pharmacists Working Group (ECPWG) is to provide strong representation to early career pharmacists to ensure that ECPs are recognised as crucial stakeholders in the Australian pharmacy sector and that PSA remains connected to ECPs at both a Branch and National level.

In particular, the ECPWG will:

  • Provide an early career pharmacist perspective to the PSA National Board and senior management on a variety of issues.
  • Facilitate succession planning via opportunities for ECP participation on the PSA National Board, National Board sub-committees, Branch Committees and Working Groups.
  • Identify the needs of ECPs in relation to professional development, practice support and advocacy, and advise PSA on how to address these needs.
  • Facilitate programs and activities that aim to improve professional satisfaction for early career pharmacists.
  • Provide strong representation and leadership on issues of importance to early career pharmacists

PSA also moderates a Closed Group on facebook, its main and foremost goal is to create a safe environment for Early Career Pharmacists to discuss relevant topics and seek guidance when needed.

Facebook logo 29px  PSA Early Career Pharmacist Closed Group

Each Branch has an ECPWG which organises educational and social networking events. If you would like to find out about activities or get involved in your local group please contact your local branch.

The current members are:

  • Chair: Taren Gill
  • ACT: Kayla Lee
  • NSW: Krysti-Lee Rigby
  • NT: Colleen Niland
  • QLD: Jacquie Meyer
  • SA: Jessica Dawson
  • TAS: Jackson Crawn
  • VIC: Amanda Cross
  • WA: Mathew Schmidt
  • NAPSA: Angelica Lagoda


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