PSA launches Accreditation Credentialing Program

7 December 2022


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has today launched the PSA Accreditation Credentialing Program for Comprehensive Medication Management Reviews (MMRs), ahead of the closure of the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy (AACP) later this month.


The PSA has engaged an Accreditation Expert Advisory Group, chaired by Debbie Rigby FPS and supported by experts A/Prof Chris Freeman FPS, Deborah Hawthorne MPS, Dr Andrew Stafford MPS, Dr Manya Angley FPS, and Tim Perry FPS.  This expert group has advised on the Accreditation Credentialing Program which will be developed by PSA for launch mid-2023.


To accommodate learners already engaged in the credentialling process and those wanting to complete Stage 2 early next year, we have implemented a program that reflects the current structure of AACP.


PSA National President Dr Fei Sim says that PSA is the natural home for accredited pharmacists, as the only organisation with a track record of supporting and advocating for accredited pharmacists in all practice settings.


“We are incredibly proud to offer a complete package of high-quality learning, training and ongoing career support for accredited pharmacists and those looking to become accredited,” Dr Sim said.


“PSA’s Accreditation Credentialing Program will give pharmacists the knowledge, communication skills, and counselling to provide high quality, complex medication review services through collaborative care models with other health care providers.


“Accreditation provides opportunity for career pathways and progression, a key pillar of PSA’s ongoing advocacy for roles, remuneration and recognition of pharmacists.


“PSA, as a co-founder of AACP, has supported accreditation in the Australian healthcare system for over 20 years.


“As an organisation we have a long history of advocating for accredited pharmacists, from introducing RMMRs introduced under 2CPA, to expanding roles for accredited pharmacists in GP clinics.


“We are very proud of how far accredited pharmacists have come, but we are now focussed on how we can continue improving and growing this workforce.


“It is vital that accredited pharmacists are fairly remunerated and able to earn a full-time salary from their qualifications.


“PSA will continue advocating for the removal of the cap on HMRs and RMMRs, and for onsite accredited pharmacist roles in aged care, general practice, and disability care. We are focussed on advocating for pharmacists to be able to prescribe, deprescribe, administer and review medicines, regardless of location.


“We have a strong vision for the future of accreditation and wants to see accreditation become another major career pathway for pharmacists.”


“Accreditation will continue to evolve as we expand the scope of practice of pharmacists and enable pharmacists across practice settings to practice to top-of-scope. Whilst the role of accredited pharmacists may evolve in the immediate future, accreditation provides an infrastructure for scope expansion. It preserves pharmacists’ independence in practice, commensurate with remuneration.”


PSA’s Consultant Pharmacist Conference (CPC) will be held in Adelaide from 2-5 May 2023 as part of ongoing education for accredited pharmacists.  PSA members will receive a 50% discount on conference registration.


Accreditation application fees are in line with AACP’s offering, but PSA will not charge an accreditation fee for PSA members and will not charge ongoing reaccreditation fees to members. More information on the PSA Accreditation Credentialing Program is available here.


For enquiries about accreditation with PSA, please contact the PSA Member Services team on membership@psa.org.au or 1300 369 772.


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia is the only national peak body that represents all of Australia’s pharmacists across all practice settings. We want every Australian to have access to the best healthcare, and this must include optimising access to pharmacists’ knowledge and medicines expertise at the forefront of our healthcare system.