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Accreditation of CPD

On 31 May 2017, the revised National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia 2016 (the 2016 Competency Standards) was released. PSA has revised its CPD accreditation application and supporting documentation to reflect the 2016 Competency Standards. The 2016 Competency Standards are available under Reference material. The 2010 Competency Standards will remain available for use during a transition period.


Under the auspices of the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) the PSA may accredit continuing professional development (CPD) for pharmacists.

The accreditation of CPD activities provides an assurance to pharmacists that an activity has been reviewed for its educational quality and for its relevance to a pharmacist’s practice.

All enquiries should be directed to

CPD providers’ responsibilities

CPD providers have a responsibility to:

  • Ensure their activity meets the standards for accreditation
  • Promote and deliver the activity appropriately
  • Maintain and submit records of participation
  • Submit an evaluation summary
  • Maintain suitable records for activity audit.

A CPD provider cannot advertise their activity as accredited until they receive their final notification letter. They can however advertise as “seeking accreditation” or “currently applying for accreditation”.

The accreditation process

It can take up to 4 weeks (or 2 weeks with fast track) to process an application, provided all documentation is complete and the activity meets the APC Accreditation Standards. The following documents must be submitted with your application:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Copies of ALL CPD Presenter/Author Briefs (signed by author/speaker)
  3. Author bio/CV
  4. Copies of FINAL presentations/articles complete with learning objectives and competencies
  5. Copies of ALL assessment mechanisms e.g. multiple choice questions
  6. Copy of evaluation form

Additional materials required for 2 or 3 day activities:

  1. Completed PSA CPD accreditation conference form
  2. Copy of final program

Application forms and information

CPD accreditation Application Form V7.2 (183.1 KiB)

CPD Accreditation Application Guide V4.4 (456.6 KiB)

Deviation From Accreditation Form V3.1 Final (164.2 KiB)

Evaluation Form Template V4.0 (38.4 KiB)

Evaluation Summary Template (40.3 KiB)

Presenter Author Brief And COI Declaration (113.3 KiB)

Re-accreditation checklist and declaration V2.2 (169.2 KiB)

Supplementary form for conference (only use on PSA advice) V1.1 (196.1 KiB)

Reference material

APC Accreditation Standards July 2013(1) (121.3 KiB)

APC CPD Accreditation Standards Guidelines 2015 (1.4 MiB)

Competency Standards Mapping Document (2.0 MiB)

How To Write multiple choice questions (148.0 KiB)

Learning objectives and professional competencies (166.7 KiB)

National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia 2010 (1.5 MiB)

National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia 2016 (2.0 MiB)

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