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The Contemporary Community Pharmacy Practice CSI aims to identify and articulate the complexities, opportunities and challenges facing community pharmacy within contemporary practice environments. The CSI-CCPP seeks to identify where further support is needed for pharmacists as they face massive organisational, economic and technological change.

Caroline Diamantis
Our CSI Chair

Caroline Diamantis Bpharm


Caroline Diamantis is a passionate community pharmacist with over 30 years of experience in pharmacy ownership. Shortly after completing her Bachelor of Pharmacy at Sydney University, she was able to fulfil her dream of buying her first pharmacy, where she realised the importance of differentiating pharmacists as professionals, advocating clinical pharmacy and the professional services model. Caroline went on to become a director on the board of Blooms the Chemist, where she spent several years advocating for female pharmacy owners and gender diversity in industry leadership positions, and mentoring early career pharmacists (ECPs) into ownership roles with programs designed to support and engage.


Caroline was elected as Vice President of the NSW Pharmacy Guild in 2017. In this role she continued advocating for community pharmacy, particularly clinical pharmacy, and for pharmacists to be acknowledged and remunerated fairly for their role in primary health care and the critical difference they make to health outcomes.


Other Pharmacy Guild positions have included chairperson of the Viability sub-committee and Finance and Risk sub-committee, and alternate National Councillor.Caroline is a passionate advocate for recognition of the profession during crisis, seeking acknowledgement and financial support from the NSW government. She is committed to addressing workforce issues, including mentorship to ECPs and support and advocacy for appropriate pharmacist salaries, and determined to achieve full scope of clinical practice. Her Board responsibilities include committee member of PAC.

Our leadership group members

  • Caroline Diamantis BPharm MPS
  • Nicole Floyd BPharm GAICD
  • Noel Fosbery BPharm MPS
  • Bruce Annabel BPharm PhD MPS
  • Bridget Totterman BPharm MPS
  • Keegan Wong BPharm MPS
  • Jeni Diekman BPharm MPS

Why join the CSI-CCPP?

There has been a paradigm shift in community pharmacy practice. To meet the contemporary needs of patients, consumers and the overall health system in Australia, the role of community pharmacists has expanded beyond medicine supply and will only continue to evolve. However, successful evolution and advancement of community pharmacy practice requires a multifaceted strategic approach, involving innovation, collaboration and perseverance from all stakeholders.


The Contemporary Community Pharmacy Practice CSI Group serves as a platform to enable community pharmacy practice development in an effective and sustainable manner moving forward. Community pharmacists can no longer be reclusive in our practice, and we need to work together to gain the roles, recognition and remuneration we deserve, and we are in it together.